12th of May: Give appreciation on International Nurses day!

Every year, on the 12thof May, it is International Nurses day. On this day, we remember the woman who brought the modern nursing of this time in our lives, Florence Nightingdale. This year we from Foston Europe want to speak out to all the nurses who are always ready to give everything they have to all those people that need help. In the elderly care, with children or with people with a handicap, all nurses do a wonderful job. A nurse just sees it as a normal job, but we from Foston Europe are super proud of these great people. To put them in the spotlight, we will give you 15 reasons why nurses are heroes.

  1. They work long shifts, but also hard shifts.
  2. Sometimes they start their shift on impossible times.
  3. They need to be super flexible, because no day is the same and they need to be ready for whatever can happen.
  4. They are not responsible for just one person, but for many more.
  5. They are super-fast when someone is in need of help.
  6. They don’t shy away from dirty tasks or tasks that are not included in their job.
  7. They always try to stay nice, even when the patient is really annoying.
  8. They try to do everything to make the life of the patient as easy as possible.
  9. Priority is always with the patient, even when they have a lunch break.
  10. They are a listening ear for the patient, or try to explain the patient what the doctor just said to them, but in a normal language.
  11. Sometimes they need to be tough, but only if it is really needed.
  12. They make personal sacrifices for their work.
  13. Outside their work they still are nurses, when a family member or a friend is in need of help, they are there.
  14. They are there for anybody.
  15. They stay strong, although it can be tough sometimes.

Do you know a nurse? Tell them how much you appreciate their work on Sunday the 12thof May. They deserve it!  Below you can find a poem about the tough work of a nurse and the reason why they are special.


Nurses are compassionate and caring,
With love in their hearts for all.
Forever extending a heart of mercy,
Always there when there is call.
Endless hours they stand on their feet,
Wondering, “Did I do my best
To help this patient get through this illness,
Ease their pain so they can rest?”
In their hearts you hear God’s whisper
Through a nurse he sends his love.
Ever sensitive, kind and caring,
Souls as pure as a snow white dove.
Angel, yes, she tends to be,
For her presence comforts me.
Concern for the sick shows on her face,
Her gentle touch, my fears erase.

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