Elderly Care

Elderly care is the care for seniors at their home or in an institution. It comprises care for demented people, but also palliative care and help in their homes. For elderly it is very important that they can function in an independent way. We divide elderly care in three areas: home care, nursing homes and assisted living.  Foston Europe offers innovative, technologic systems that can be easily integrated into existing systems, in every area of elderly care, for example alarm systems or gadgets for the resident to make their life more comfortable.


Home Care

Home Care is care for people who need help in their daily lives, but still are able to live on their own. The care they get is mostly personal care, nursing and support in daily tasks. For this type of healthcare it is important that people who receive healthcare can feel safe and independent at the same time. Foston offers helping aids for the home care sector. These aids can be used to ask for help and for nurses to monitor the patients from a distance and be at help when necessary as quick as possible.

Assisted living

In our target group assisted living, the seniors live in their own house, but they can profit the help of nurses from the nursing home every time of the day. The elderly that appeal assisted living, often struggle with a physical or mental disability, which makes them incompetent to completely taking care of their own. In this target group, our products are specially custimized for the nurses to feel safe at any time.

Nursing Home

Patients that stay in a nursing home, often need temporary or long-term help and nursing that can’t be arranged in their own homes. Nurses who work at nursing homes are responsible for a lot of their patients. In this target group, it is important that nurses have a clear view of the information of the patients, but also the schedule of other nurses. Foston can help this proces by offering a dashboard managing system and alarm systems.  Our aim in this part is to create a safer environment for not only the patients, but also the nurses.