Elderly Care

Elderly care is care for seniors at their home or in an institution. It comprises care for demented people, but also palliative care and help in their homes. For elderly it is important to function in an independent way. We divide elderly care in three areas: home care, nursing homes and assisted living. Foston Europe offers innovative, technologic systems that can be easily integrated into existing systems, in every area of elderly care.

Senior care in Spain

Senior care in Spain

Aging population in Spain Spain has a rapidly aging population, thus a growing number of people in need of senior care in Spain. Currently Spain is the country with the most rapidly aging population in Europe. Over the last 20 years, the part of the population that is over 75 has doubled in size. 18%…

The future of senior care

The future of senior care

As written before, senior care is changing, mainly due to a change in population structure but also due to changes in demand and technological developments. In this article we take a look at the future of senior care. Changing population From several researches it appears that the 80+ population is expected to increase by almost…

Age discrimination

Age discrimination

We speak of age discrimination or ageism when you are discriminated because: You are (or are not) a certain age or in a certain age group Someone thinks you are (or are not) a specific age or age group. This is known as discrimination by perception You are connected to someone of a specific age…

Ageing population and changing healthcare demand in the Netherlands

We are experiencing an ageing population and changing healthcare demand in the Netherlands. The Dutch population is growing older. Not only absolute but also relative because the Dutch population is not only getting older but also experiences a decrease in young adults and births. The group of people that are in need of care is…

System integration platform Calas for elderly care

Calas for elderly care Calas is Foston Europe´s vendor-independent system integration platform. System integration – bringing separate hardware systems together into one platform – is highly important in the healthcare environment. Foston Europe gives you the possibility to choose the systems, regardless of the brand or manufacturer, and Calas will integrate the systems for the…

foston europe - introducing our new integration platform

Introducing our new integration platform

The new and improved solution of Foston Europe: Calas For home care and care institutions What is it Today, we are introducing our new integration platform named calas. The new software platform is specialized, not only in care institutions but also in home care. Through the telecare module, incoming calls from different locations can be answered….

the spanish view on homecare

The Spanish view on Homecare

Like in many other countries, telecare and telemedicine are used in Spanish home care. Care, counseling and monitoring of health can be offered through the internet. Professionals and family can keep an eye on home residents and ensure their well-being. Spain has many beautiful traditions and one of them is taking care of the elderly…

care group solimar logo

Care group Solimar: Our partners in the spotlight

Care group Solimar is an in Valencia established company, that is specialized in the management of more than 1200 places spread out over seven healthcare centers in the Valencian region. Besides the healthcare centers, Solimar also offers other facilities, like day care, home care, short-term stays, recovery stays and intensive care for neurological recovery. By…