foston europe - introducing our new integration platform

Introducing our new integration platform

The new and improved solution of Foston Europe: Calas For home care and care institutions What is it Today, we are introducing our new integration platform named calas. The new software platform is specialized, not only in care institutions, but also in home care. Through the telecare module, incoming calls from different locations can be answered….

the spanish view on homecare

The Spanish view on Homecare

Like in many other countries, telecare and telemedicine are used in Spanish home care. Care, counseling and monitoring of health can be offered through the internet. Professionals and family can keep an eye on home residents and ensure their well-being. Spain has many beautiful traditions and one of them is taking care of the elderly…

care group solimar logo

Care group Solimar: Our partners in the spotlight

Care group Solimar is an in Valencia established company, that is specialized in the management of more than 1200 places spread out over seven healthcare centers in the Valencian region. Besides the healthcare centers, Solimar also offers other facilities, like day care, home care, short-term stays, recovery stays and intensive care for neurological recovery. By…

vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10 - hands together for helping elders

Vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10

Foston Europe is the international brand of Iseco Sistemas S.L. Foston Europe is the developer and distributor of the vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10. The brand Foston Europe represents the mission to develop solid partnerships with West and Central Europe. Foston’s core business is the development and implementation of our own designed integration software,…