Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care is applying their knowledge and research to better a person’s mental health and their quality of life. The most important intention of Foston Europe during the collaboration with a Mental Health Care Institution, is applying technology in a way that makes the employees feel safe. When an unsafe situation occurs, our alarm system let’s every employee know where and when the situation is taking place, so measures can be made as fast as possible. Next to that, with the dashboard system Qlik Sense, Foston ensures nurses in a mental health care facility have a clear sight of every data of the patients and data that was imported by other nurses.

ISECO Systems Wins Red Cross Public Tender

In August, ISECO Systems won the public contest of Red Cross to equip access control systems to all its buildings in Spain, with the technology of Tesa Assa-Abloy. As the world’s leading lock group, Assa-Abloy offers a more complete range of access control systems than any other company on the market. Tesa not only offers door devices, but also wall devices and devices that are designed on special applications such as lockers or drawers.

5 Technological Innovations Future

5 Astounding Technological Innovations for Healthcare

We live in a time where technological innovations are all around us. Nothing really surprises us anymore. However, there are some new developments and possibilities, that can still blow our minds, like these 5 astounding technological innovations! 1. Robots Some find it a scary idea and others want one right now; either way this technology…

life expectancy

The development of life expectancy

The life expectancy of the world population has changed a lot over the years. When we go way back and look at the pre-modern world, life expectancy was not more than 30 years old in all areas of the world. In the development of life expectancy, it is significant that until the 19th century it…

Informal care: a crucial form of healthcare

Informal care is an unpaid form of health care that is provided often by family or friends.  With a growing senior population, you can imagine that the informal care demands are growing as fast. To create an image of formal care in Europe; how many people are informal caregivers for example, and how many time…

personalized care

A 2018 trend: The development of personalized care

Personalized care and integrating precision medicine into our healthcare system is a rising trend. Not just for 2018, but also for more years to come, this development will impact the healthcare industry heavily. There are a few breakthroughs in healthcare that guide us to a more patient centered system. Doctor´s visits are often replaced by…

Age discrimination

Age discrimination

We speak of age discrimination or ageism when you are discriminated because: You are (or are not) a certain age or in a certain age group Someone thinks you are (or are not) a specific age or age group. This is known as discrimination by perception You are connected to someone of a specific age…

Ageing in different parts of the world

Ageing in different parts of the world

We have written before about an ageing population, especially about the ageing population in the Netherlands. Now it is time to write about ageing in different parts of the world. Since not only the Dutch or European population is ageing, but the whole world population, in varying degrees, is showing signs of ageing. In general,…

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

EIP on AHA What is it? The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) was launched by the European commission concerning innovation and digital transformation in the field of active and healthy ageing. A European innovation partnership in general is a partnership for strengthening EU research and innovation. Such partnerships bring…

The new privacy legislation in The Netherlands

The new privacy legislation in The Netherlands and the impact on the healthcare industry

As from the 25th of May, the new privacy legislation in The Netherlands is introduced (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming, AVG). As from that moment, general privacy legislation is active in the entire European union, which is called the general data protection regulation (GDPR). AVG explained in short Based on AVG, companies can gather personal information based…