Noises disturb people in healthcare environments: “It can impact their recovery”

As many people age, they develop a common hearing loss condition, called Presbycusis, in which hearing gradually deteriorates and certain sounds become distorted. But it´s not just music that can be painful for older ears, little noises at a hospital environment can also be disturbing for the patients. For hospitals, it´s hard to change little noises that just exist, but a recent study shows that even small changes can make a big impact on hospital noise levels. In the research they also upgraded patient rooms and the central nursing station with smart monitors which helped cut down on unnecessary alarms. Foston Europe is able to integrate those typical nursecall systems where the alert goes to a panel with lights or a buzzer and derive those noisy systems to a DECT phone, smartphone app or screen in a way that the sound is not disturbing any patients.

Blue zones

Blue zones

This term first appeared in National Geographic magazine in 2005 and was written by Dan Buettner in an article called: “the secrets of long life”. Blue zones have been identified as world areas where people live longest. The name became blue zones because Buettner circled the areas with a blue pen on a map and…

elder abuse

Senior abuse

Elder abuse is very common nowadays. Abuse of elderly happens in many different forms such as physical abuse, psychological abuse, neglect or financial abuse. The abuser can be anyone who has access to the senior and their personal belongings such as a child, brother or sister, friend, neighbor or caregiver. Physical abuse According to the…

holiday for seniors

Holiday for seniors!

Since summer has arrived, and most of us are thinking about holidays, this article will talk about the most suitable holiday for seniors; some popular holiday destinations for seniors and some practical tips for travelling seniors. Retirees have the advantage that they can travel whenever they want and often travel outside the holiday season to…

Senior care in Spain

Senior care in Spain

Aging population in Spain Spain has a rapidly aging population, thus a growing number of people in need of senior care in Spain. Currently Spain is the country with the most rapidly aging population in Europe. Over the last 20 years, the part of the population that is over 75 has doubled in size. 18%…