Nursinghomes boring? No way! Check these videos!

These days you regularly hear about loneliness. Loneliness among elderly is one of the biggest concerns in today’s healthcare. Family members are often too busy, friends of these elderly people are often old and making new contacts often turns out to be difficult when you are no longer mobile yourself. Dementia also plays a major role in making it difficult to have contact with other people. Yet there is still a solution. Nursing homes can also combat loneliness. This can be done in the form of organizing theme nights or game nights for example.

This week’s article is dedicated to one of our clients, the Spanish nursing home Residencial Cervantes. They are one of those nursing homes that try to prevent loneliness among their clients by organizing activities. In this way, not only loneliness is prevented, but mental aging can also be delayed. We from Foston Europe therefore want to put the employees of Residencial Cervantes in the spotlight by means of a nice article. In this article we will talk about which activities we find most interesting. In this way we hope that in the future other nursing homes will also adopt this approach.



# 1 replay of a Game of Thrones scene

Game of Thrones, a true hit. Many people have watched this impressive series and it was a chaos at the end of the new season! The whole world was thinking; what would happen?

Residencial Cervantes has responded to this true hype in a very fun and creative way by replaying one of the scenes of Game of Thrones with a few of their residents. How cool is that ?!



# 2 Valentine’s Day new style: a love message to your great love!

On Valentine’s Day everyone around the world sends cards, flowers, chocolate, and other gifts to his / her great love. Sometimes with a name, sometimes with the name Valentine. The question often remains: will love be answered or not?

Residencial Cervantes has also devised something nice for their clients on Valentine’s Day. An ode to your life partner or a sweet message to someone you care about. What would be better than elderly expressing love? Nothing right?!

# 3 Shiggy challenge

Last year the Shiggy challenge was a big hit! Everywhere on the internet you came across videos of a certain dance on a certain number; Drake- In my feelings. Residencial Cervantes also had an answer to this true hype. The Shiggy challenge, but adapted to the means of transport of the elderly! Very original and funny to see.

# 4 Halloween movie

Halloween, a time of horror and screaming. Also for the elderly who stay at the Residencial Cervantes. In fact, they were part of a true horror movie! A very nice way to get the elderly moving and have fun at the same time, great!

We from Foston Europe would like to thank the employees and clients of Residencial Cervantes for these fun activities! It is good to see that the elderly are busy in the nursing home and having fun together.

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