Top 8 accommodations for disabled people in Europe!

Go on holiday with your 79 year old father or take your 85 year old neighbor  to a nice vacation spot for a weekend. It sounds like a nice idea, but when these people are disabled, finding a suitable place to stay can be quite a challenge. Think of a wider passage when someone is in a wheelchair, an adapted toilet and an adapted shower so that your neighbor can also take care of themself nicely and safely, perhaps a lift is needed to get to the bedrooms on the first floor. These are all things that you should keep in mind if you want to take your neighbor or family member on holiday. In this article, we give a number of options for fun and pleasant holiday destinations for all budgets! A luxury villa, a farmhouse? There is something for everyone.

Low budget options

Are you not able to spend that much, or do you just not want to spend a lot of money on a holiday? Maybe these options are something for you and your neighbor!

  1. Chalet in the Netherlands

In this holiday chalet, disabled people are taken into account. In the bedroom there is at least one passage where the width is at least 80 cm. This also applies to the bathroom and the toilet.

  1. Country house with swimming pool in Italy

There are 8 apartments in this country house in Italy. You share the entire accommodation with several people. All passages at this accommodation have also been made wheelchair-friendly. In addition, the appartments also have a raised bed, free spaces have been created under the washbasins, there is a shower seat or shower chair and grab rails are tob e found near the toilet. The toilet is also raised. All extras that are useful for the elderly with a limited amount of exercise.

  1. Former farm in France

At this beautiful former farmhouse in France a slope has been made at the entrance. All passages are more than 80 centimeters wide. In this place the beds are raised and there are shower seats and safety rails in the bathrooms as well. There are also no thresholds in this house. Extra easy for people in a wheelchair or people with a walker.

  1. Holiday home with sauna in Germany

This property also has all the extras that make it easy for the disabled. An additional facility with this property is that you can use the wellness in the area for a fee. Enjoy!

The prices of these holiday destinations are between 170 and 500 euros for a week. This is a nice price to enjoy a week with your loved one.

High budget options

Do you want to get away with your vacation and can’t it be crazy enough? Then these options might be fun to watch!

  1. Luxury chalet in Austria

Nothing is missing in this beautiful chalet. All luxury is present and in addition, the house is also suitable for the disabled. No thresholds, free space under the washbasins and wide passageways.

  1. Former mayor’s residence with sauna and jacuzzi in the Netherlands

A sauna, a jacuzzi and even your own cinema! This is really the pinnacle of luxury during your vacation. This property is also equipped with all conveniences for the disabled. Shower chairs, wide passageways, enough space next to the beds, raised toilets, you name it. This property has it.

  1. Super luxure castle in Belgium

This beautiful castle in Belgium can also serve as a holiday destination for the disabled. It has a stair lift, safety rails at the toilets, wide passageways and also the garden / terrace can be reached with a wheelchair or walker.

  1. Luxury villa in Portugal

This luxury villa in sunny Portugal is a perfect destination for disabled people who love the sun. There are no thresholds in this house, the shower is wheelchair accessible and all the passageways are made extra wide. There is also a staircase in the pool that makes it easier to get out of the pool after a cooling dip.

The options above can be rented for 5,000 to 7,000 euros for a week.

As you can see there are enough options on the market for the disabled. There is something for every budget, but the challenge is to find the right home for you and your neighbor.






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