Vendor-independent systems integration platform

Foston Europe is the developer and distributor of the vendor-independent systems integration platform called ControlCenter10. The first version of the platform was launched over 15 years ago and ever since continuously improved. Currently, Foston’s ControlCenter10 is managing over 400 buildings in- and outside Spain.

With over 300 implementations in the long-term care environment, nursing homes, assisted living, home care and other forms of care related organizations are areas where the software performs best. Foston’s ControlCenter10 integrates technologies such as: nurse call systems, wandering control, communication systems, access control, climate control and other building automation related systems in one network. All systems are able to interoperate and are integrated into one simple and friendly software interface, available for each layer in the organization based on authorization.

Foston in Europe – Iseco in Spain

Foston Europe is the international brand of Iseco Sistemas. Iseco is an innovative organization with over 18 years of experience in the Spanish market.  With a team of 30 staff members, Foston Europe works every day on achieving the vision: “Improving the lives of those who are in need of care by safeguarding their security, dignity and autonomy”.  Our vision has resulted in Iseco being one of the leading system integrators for building automation and domotica in the long-term care in Spain.  We are therefore, very proud of our domestic track-record which reflects our expertise and knowledge in building automation solutions for the long-term care sector.

Foston Europe is the international brand of Iseco Sistemas. Foston Europe stands for our mission to develop solid partnerships in Northern, Western and Central Europe. Our goal is to seek partners in order to bundle expertise and to come to new building automation solutions for the long-term care environment.


Het software platform voor het beheer van alle gebouwautomatisering- en zorgsystemen.

ControlCenter10 is a proven and solid solution for every situation in the long-term care sector. With a renowned track record and references among influential care groups, Foston’s ControlCenter10 possesses the bases that makes Foston Europe a trustworthy partner in situations where communication is of paramount importance.

Foston’s ControlCenter10 is capable of managing services and systems, varying in nature, as one aligned building automation network. By this manner, systems such as; nurse call systems, wandering control, communication, access control and climate control are all manageable and controllable in one single software interface, regardless the brand.

Check Foston Europe’s success cases in Spain.

Facts and Figures

  • +300 integrations and implementations in the Spanish long-term care environment
  • 3 implementations in the ‘cure’ environment (hospitals), where the message is vital
  • Proven in cure, residential care, assisted living and home care
  • 65 of the 100 largest care groups of Spain as satisfied clients
  • +90 pending and upcoming implementations and projects
  • Integrates national and international brands
  • Applicable to small and large organizations

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Long-term care

ControlCenter10 is a solution for all care provided in the long-term care environment. By combining the best technologies is Foston’s ControlCenter10 the heart of an efficient and specific network to provide the best care possible for the residents.

Value Proposition

Foston’s ControlCenter10 is compatible with each building automation system and is brand and manufacturer independent.

  • Foston is the manufacturer and distributor of the software platform ControlCenter10. The first version of the software was launched over 15 years ago and since then continuously improved.
  • Foston’s ControlCenter10 is compatible with any building automation system and is brand and manufacturer independent.
  • The result is for Foston what counts. By means of the user experience and added value to the organization and the people, we measure our success. That is why we provide support at each integration and configuration of ControlCenter10. To ensure a success, we offer our partners the right knowledge, support and training in order to create a formula for success.

  • ControlCenter10 was developed with a specialization in the long-term care sector. As a result, ControlCenter10 meets the needs of both the management and healthcare professionals.
  • ControlCenter10 is continuously in development. Through partnerships we can create a customized solution that is relevant for you as a partner.
  • Foston is currently working on: biometric recognition modules, enhanced support for the Cloud platform, expanding the functionality of RFID and NFC and the application of European standards and standardization to improve the internationalization process.


Technological reach

ControlCenter10 stands for simplicity. Managing all systems and networks from one friendly and easy interface. Foston’s ControlCenter10 allows to develop an interoperating network out of: nurse call systems, wandering control, access control, communication systems, climate control, fire alarms and many more. ControlCenter10 integrates, among many others, the following brands:

Foston - Ascom - Nurse Call Systems integration
Foston - Tunstall - Nurse Call Systems Integration
Foston - Ackermann - Nurse Call Systems integration
Foston - Neat - Nurse Call Systems integration
Foston - Doro Care Tech - Nurse Call Systems Integration
Foston - Mitel - Communication integration 1
Foston - Dräger - Building automation Integration
Foston - KNX - Systems integration Domotica
Foston - Omron - Building Automation systems integration
Foston - Notifier - Fire alarm integration
Foston - United Technologies - Security and building automation integration
Foston - DSC - Security systems Integrations
Foston - Avaya - Communication integration
Foston - Gira - security and Nurse call Systems Integration
Foston - Mitsubishi Electric - Climate Control Systems Integration


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