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With over 20 years of experience, Foston Europe has realized many improvements with the nurse call integration within the care sector. The software integration platform, Calas, and the business intelligence are conjointly capable of acquiring the maximum and as a result Foston Europe contributes to the well-being, autonomy and privacy of every individual, as well as improving the business management and healthcare quality.

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Thank you, Joske!

We are saying goodbye to our Dutch intern, Joske van Veggel. Joske has worked at Foston for 5 months. She is an international business student that has now successfully finished the first 3 years and is going to write a graduation thesis next year. Joske has worked for the international marketing department of Foston and…

Informal care

Informal care is a form of care that is provided often by family and friends and it is unpaid.  More care is provided informally than it is formally. The informal care system can be seen as a hidden healthcare system and it is difficult to obtain data about it. With a growing senior population, there…

How to improve mobility of seniors

How to improve mobility of seniors

For many people it is of great importance to be mobile and fit into a high age. Being able to walk without help is one of the strongest indicators of whether someone can live independently or not. Mobility is also a basic part of healthy ageing. No one likes to be immobile and always be…

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