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With over 20 years of experience, Foston Europe has realized many improvements with the nurse call integration within the care sector. The software integration platform, ControlCenter10, and the business intelligence are conjointly capable of acquiring the maximum and as a result Foston Europe contributes to the well-being, autonomy and privacy of every individual, as well as improving the business management and healthcare quality.


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Safely wandering with our system integration platform

Wandering: “moving from place to place without a fixed plan”   More than 60% of the people with Alzheimer´s or another type of dementia will wander, according to the Alzheimer´s Association. Daily life with Dimentia According to a Dutch news article, a professor named Anne-Mei The, wrote a book about the daily life of people…

Business Intelligence rafa qlik sense

Let´s make Business Intelligence clear for everyone

Business Intelligence is becoming a necessary technology to almost every industry. There are some sectors like the financial, logistics, and health, in which lots of money can be saved by just giving a good analysis of the data. How the data is delivered could make the difference in obtaining results for the client. Data coming…

introduction new international manager Enrique vila iseco sistemas international manager

Introduction of the new International Manager: Enrique Vila

With pleasure we want to introduce you to our new International Manager Enrique Vila. To get to know Enrique a little bit better, we conducted a short interview. Enrique, where do you come from? “I am from Spain!” What about your work experiences? “I worked in many companies, but a few years ago I started…

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